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Fun Date Ideas While in Self-Isolation


For many couples, self-isolation has turned out to be quite challenging. In the first few days you might not feel bored as you are busy doing things that you so long wished to do but never had the time.

The couples who live apart managed to get through the first days by frequently texting, having videocalls and sexting.

But as the routine starts bouncing back day by day, many couples face lazy conversations on the phone: you do not pay attention to what your partner is saying and keep scrolling on Instagram. It is time to pass this uncomfortable situation and get back on track to save your relationship.

It is very important to get out of that comfort zone and start doing things to amuse you and your partner. Whether you are living apart or in the same house, you should check our suggestions on how to have simple dates even at home.

  1. Aperitivo at 17:00

There is a well-known tradition in Italy, called Aperitivo, where people can enjoy a drink and some snacks after they have finished work. This pre-meal drink is meant to wheat your appetite. You can also do this at home. Have an Aperitivo with your partner after both of you are done with smart working for the day. Look at some cocktail recipes on the internet and get creative. Also, have some simple snacks to better enjoy your drink and your time together.

  1. Sunday Brunch

Sunday brunch can be fun even if you are at home and communicate with videocalls. You can both prepare something delicious like pancakes, cinnamon rolls, French toast, Waffles, healthy salad and many more. Check this post from Love and Lemons with 60 different recipes to get inspired. Find the perfect place where you will place what you have prepared and enjoy. If the weather is good you can create the perfect spot in your balcony, terrace or near a window so you can also let the sun give you positive energies.


  1. Indoor picnic

Who said that you need to be somewhere out, in order to have a picnic? It doesn’t matter where you are. As long as you are with your loved ones, you will create beautiful memories. Lay down a blanket, put on some jazz or guitar music, have some snacks or finger food, get a bottle of wine and you will adore this moment. Even if you are apart, you are still creating a bond with one another and doing the same things together.


  1. Movie night

Download a movie, whether it is a comedy or romance, prepare some snacks or better say make some popcorns and get cosy.


  1. Romantic dinner

Cook something delicious, maybe you can show your cooking skills. Get dressed, do your makeup and wear high heels. Light up some candles and put on romantic music. Even if you are seeing each other through your phones, do not get sad, but stay positive and enjoy each other’s company.


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