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When the afternoon slump hits, it’s so tempting to have a(nother) cup of coffee. We know it might make it hard for us to sleep later, but we have things we have to do right now. Skip the caffeine and still get a boost of energy with this quick five-minute Pilates workout from Jacqui Kingswell of The Pilates Class (TPC).

“This energy boost is great to fit into your busy schedule,” she says. “I love taking this class before a TPC workout or using it to complement one of our Goals classes. This quick and effective workout will get your endorphins going and blood pumping! Put all your energy into each move and make the most of these five minutes of you time! Your mind and body will thank you for taking five minutes for yourself.”


Step Tap x Punch Combo
Lateral Stretches
Duck and Punch
Star Jumps
Criss-Cross Jumps

2 rounds

The Move: Step Tap x Punch Combo

How to: Bring one foot out and tap in front while punching with the opposite arm, concentrating your energy in each movement. To increase intensity in this movement, try jumping by switching from one foot to the other. Really engage your core and apply your Pilates principles to each move.

The Move: Lateral Stretches

How to: Stretch arm overhead to one side of the body with feet hip distance apart and opposite leg slightly bent for balance. From the stretch, bring the knee from the same side to connect with the elbow, engaging your core, and then release once more back into the stretch. Repeat move 15x before switching to the opposite side for the same move. Try to really strengthen and lengthen each movement to get the most out of the exercise.

The Move: Duck and Punch

How to: For this move you’ll want to start with legs again in a wide stance and arms close to chest, with hands set in fists. Sway from side to side, getting really low when you come to the middle and coming up on each side with lots of power as you punch out to the sides. Imagine you’re ducking under a pole each time, get low! Follow through with each punch, coming from your shoulder and pushing through, holding that punch at the top.

The Move: Star Jumps

How to: Just like with jumping jacks, you’ll want to jump out and extend arms and legs. With star jumps, you’ll want to keep finger tips engaged and reach arms overhead to really get the blood pumping. Engage your core by drawing your belly button back toward your spine. If you don’t want to jump, you can modify the move by tapping one leg out and then repeating on the other side.

The Move: Criss-Cross Jumps

How to: Finish out the energy boost by following the star jumps with criss-cross jumps, a slight variation. For this move you’ll jump in and out, your legs crossing in front of each other each time. Your arms will also stretch in and out with each jump but you’ll want to keep them parallel to the floor, with palms facing the walls. Really press out each move to make the most of this finisher!


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