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Sometimes we all get lost in deep thoughts, thinking of different pieces (some maybe not so important) of life. We start analyzing details, different prospective and we dive into our imagination, in its very furthest corners. I ,sometimes , think that imagination is the bridge to our subconscious, the place where we all find a mix of beautiful and sometimes not so beautiful feelings, but in the end, that’s the beauty of life. I have always loved the time I spend with myself dreaming or imagining given situations and sometimes I really feel like Alice in Wonderland, lost in my dreams. Then, it dawns me that this is life and I put a smile on my face. Life is made of moments, situations – sometimes weird and unintelligible ones – as well as dreams. I have come to believe that these moments are important on helping us understand what we really want and paving us the way of magic – just like Alice in the Wonderland.

In this photo shoot I also wanted to reveal a bit of the real me, the dreamy girl, and the one that sometimes loves to enjoy loneliness and get lost in her dreams. In these moments, I always find myself far away, in a world that seems to be totally mine, a world in which I get to find the meaning of the word “Happiness” by seeing life’s positive side, but also accepting the negative ones. I am wearing a “tutu” skirt, from one of the best designers in Albania, Enada At’Nikolla. I think it is suitable to an Alice in Wonderland situation. Then I wanted to break the ice with a simple Balmain T-shirt and a Diane von Furstenberg bag, which is one of my favorites. The sandals are Pierre Hardy and I have also used them in an earlier article.

Photography: GELJANT Kaleci

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