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Everyday Things to Get Out of a QUARANTINE FUNK


I think we’d all be forgiven for finding ourselves stuck in a funk a little more often than usual after the year that will never be forgotten, 2020. As we navigate life through this new era of lockdowns, quarantine, and pandemic, it can be all too easy to fall into one of those cycles where you feel deflated, irritated, and unenthused about the future. So, here are 12 quick and easy ways to dig yourself out of the slump and get back to feeling like you again.

1. Vision Board
What better way to bring back some excitement for the future than to create a vision board? Grab some magazines, old books, a pen, and paper and get crafty while making your ultimate vision board for the next year. Make an event of it: burn some sage, put on some of your favorite tunes, and allow your imagination to take you wherever you want to go. Don’t forget to dream big—do not hold back.

2. Self-Care
There are few things that feel as good as enjoying a long, hot shower and then spending time on your self-care routine. Apply a face mask, use your facial tools (think gua sha or LED light mask), massage in your serums, put on some silky and hydrating creams, and enjoy the much needed “me time.”

3. Get Dressed
It’s all too easy to spend weeks on end switching from one pair of sweatpants to the next. But the novelty of WFH in sweats has worn off for most of us, and rather than making us feel comfortable, it can just make us feel sluggish. Make an effort to put on some jeans and do your hair, even if you are the only person who will see it.

4. Watch The Undoing (if you haven’t already)
There is nothing like a thrilling drama to take your mind off your own worries and immerse you into another world. Let Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant take you on a gripping murder mystery, and then blow up your group chats to discuss each episode in minute detail and exchange theories on who killed Elena Alves.

5. Work Out
When you’re stuck in a funk, working out is usually one of the last things you feel like doing. But it’s one of the quickest ways to shake off bad vibes, increase your energy and give you that much-needed boost of endorphins. Even 10 minutes will do, so put on your favorite workout gear, blast this fitness playlist, and follow along to one of Poosh’s at-home routines.

6. Put on Matching Lingerie or Pretty Underwear
Because seriously, when was the last time you did that?

7. Meditate
Our breath is one of our most powerful tools for healing. Taking a moment to simply slow down your mind, focus your attention on your breath, and just reset. You’ll be amazed at how much you can change your perspective by taking time to pause for just a few moments a day.

8. Have a Clear-Out
Use this time to clear out your wardrobe, pantry cupboards, and inboxes. Clearing space is so therapeutic and will leave you feeling physically, mentally, and energetically lighter. Another benefit of detoxing your space is finding something you thought you’d lost and making room for the new.

9. Follow a Makeup Tutorial on YouTube
We might not be going “out out” just yet, but we will be soon! Take this time to finally perfect that “glowy no-makeup makeup” look or become a master of this DIY lip scrub for your next night out.

10. Have a Candlelit Bath
This one has been my secret remedy for 2020. Run a hot bath, add some bath salts and oils, and turn off all the lights. Light one candle and play some relaxing music (my personal go-to is Ludovico Einaudi) while sipping a glass of wine or a cup of herbal tea. The ambiance of the low light will instantly relax you and transport you into a blissful, zen state. If you’re in a relationship, try doing this with your partner: it is a great opportunity to connect and enjoy a sensual experience together.

11. Zoom Date Your Best Friend
No one knows how to pull you out of a funk better than your best friend. So pencil in a time where you can chat totally uninterrupted and make a night of it.

12. Bake
Even if cooking is not your forte, there is something so relaxing about following along with a recipe and smelling that sweet, glorious aroma of cake, pie, or cookies as you walk into the room. Sometimes a slice of Instagram-worthy, homemade banana bread really is all you need.


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