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Yves Saint Laurent: Dreams of the Orient Exhibition in Paris


In April of 1963, a young Yves Saint Laurent discovered his love for Japan, and it was in Kyoto specifically that he encountered courtesans who sported traditional Japanese dress. The delicacy of the lace, the exoticism of the print and the appeal of the uniquely structured cut was enough for Saint Laurent to fall in love with the art of Japanese clothing. This great love was projected into his 1977 Fall/Winter collection which saw a more widespread adoration of Asia…

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An Intimate Look Inside Yves Saint Laurent’s Private Marrakech Home


Hidden within the hustle of urban Marrakech (Morocco’s fabled “pink city”), the Majorelle Garden—along with its colorful, multifaceted crown jewel, the Villa Oasis—is a world-class landmark. The backstory of the Majorelle compound is a Franco-American saga revolving around six gifted and visionary men: French Orientalist painter and plant collector Jacques Majorelle; legendary rebel fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent; YSL’s partner in life and business, the feisty French industrialist, collector, and philanthropist Pierre Bergé; cool, sophisticated French decorator Jacques Grange; salty,…

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10 Years Without Yves Saint Laurent


It has been 10 years since the death of an amazing fashion designer who revolutionized the fashion industry. Yves Saint Laurent was born in 1936 and grew up in Oran, Algeria. Since the early teen years he started designing clothes for his mom and sisters. Later on, he moved to Paris where Christian Dior himself became his teacher and helped him master his art. The designer has always referred to his designs as “minor art”, but later he added that…

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