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15 destinations everyone will be visiting in 2019


Winter is officially here. The days are shorter, temperature is colder and summer feels both a long time ago and a long way away, which leaves us thinking about one thing: where to go on holiday? In 2018, places like southern Italy and Bali infiltrated our Instagram feeds, whereas the year before, Vietnam, Mykonos and Lisbon definitely had a moment. To ensure you can stay one step ahead (and bag the most luxe accommodation, while you’re at it), we asked a group of travel experts where…

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The Wonders of Colombia


Add Colombia to your Bucket List, because this country can offer you wonderful places to visit and new experiences. Many relate Colombia with cocaine cartels, especially with Pablo Escobar, but since the death of Escobar in 1993, the country has had massive changes and it began its revival. When planning your holidays in Colombia, you should consider more than a week stay in this amazing country, if you want to visit it properly. Start with the capital Bogotá, where you…

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