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The Most Scandalous Celebrity Affairs


Over the years, we’ve seen several celebrity couples fall in love and get married. However, if Hollywood has taught us anything, it’s that relationships don’t always mean happily ever after—several A-listers have broken up this year alone. So, although Tinseltown brings many fame and fortune, astounding genetics and long hours on set have proven to provoke all kinds of scandals throughout the years—and we’d be lying if we said weren’t often fascinated by the compelling details of celebrity relationship breakdowns. From Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy,…

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The most unforgettable Beauty Moments of 2017


2017 was definitely the year of collaborations and the year where celebrities got a major attention not only for their commitment in the movie or music industry, but they got involved too in the beauty industry. Speaking of beauty, 2017 saw coming collaborations between Victoria Beckham and Estee Lauder, between Gigi Hadid and Maybelline, and we also got a wonderful surprise from Rihanna as she launched her first make up line called Fenty Beauty. Besides the launch of new products,…

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