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Top 10 Models With The Most Vogue Covers


Being on the cover of a fashion magazine is a crucial moment in a model’s career, but being on the cover of a prestigious fashion magazine such as the American Vogue is quite a privilege and a dream come true for any model. Over the years, most famous celebrities and models have graced Vogue magazine’s cover. At the very beginning, in 1892, Vogue was just a weekly newspaper, but later on, in 1973 it became a monthly issue which immediately…

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The most iconic eyebrows of all time


It has been quite some time since brows have moved from a trend to a boom thus making brows the beauty story of the decade. In a certain way brows have become like a signature for us, because their shape can totally define our look. Brows have had such an important role over the years and for that reason many wonderful women have been recognized from the shape of their brows. A perfect example is Frida Kahlo. When I first…

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