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How long does it actually take to get abs?


You might assume that, when it comes to building abs, an intense series of planks and sit-ups will get you where you need to go – but it’s not quite as straightforward as simply training harder and for longer. The honest reality is that genetics play a huge part too – definition¬†will¬†vary among women who eat and exercise the same amount. Our bodies are unique, which means cutting a steely core will differ from woman to woman. What exactly is…

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How to motivate yourself to exercise in this cold, dark weather


Struggling to maintain the exercise routine you managed to perfect in the summer months? You’re not alone. Getting yourself into the gym or heading out for a run on cold dark mornings and evenings takes a lot more motivation than it might do in July. We asked some of London’s top fitness gurus how they stay in shape when the temperature drops and the days just keep getting shorter. Have the right kit “There is no such thing as bad…

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Hit The Gym in Style With These Beautiful Sneakers


If years ago someone was to tell us that we’d be wearing sneakers everywhere and match them with a coat, we would have never believed it. Those days, sneakers were only reserved for the gym, whereas nowadays they have become some kind of a fashion statement. We have noticed them during the fashion week, on the red carpet, black-tie events, etc. Many celebrities, supermodels and influencers showed us how to match sneakers in order to be stylish. But, as we…

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