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The Most Iconic Lipsticks


When talking about lipsticks, some of them are considered iconic. This comes to the fact that such lipsticks have been created many years ago and women fell in love with them the moment they were launched. Since lipstick was invented by Guerlain in 1888, many brands have continued to create their own lipsticks and nowadays we have several ones which are timeless. Christian Dior Rouge in 999 Dior 999 was created in 1953. Christian Dior once said that the lipstick…

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The Iconic Red


Put on some Red Lipstick and Live a Little! This should be like your mantra of the day if you want to enjoy your day. Every year, as February 14th is getting closer, the red color is almost everywhere. The color of love and passion is for sure the right choice when you have to decide on what you will be wearing for your romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day. If it is not an outfit, lingerie is obviously very important…

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