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Even though it has been a while since the last Coachella Festival, for this summery look I was inspired from that event and its hippie style. I have never attended the festival but I hope to attend it soon because I am a fan of that music, but also because I want to keep on going to those festivals which I started attending since I was a teenager. I have been to Heineken Beer Festival and concerts like that of Muse, Prodigy etc. Every time I walked in the Luna Park of my city it reminded me the typical atmosphere of the festival (from the photos I have seen) and I thought about what I could wear for the occasion. I like to combine jeans with chamois, especially this one in which I have combined a Forever 21 shirt and this simple chamois skirt which I was so happy to find in the Milano shop. The wooden shoes are from this summer’s Louboutin collection and they are the perfect choice for this outfit due to the hippie design, but also the colors blend perfectly well. The bag is from YSL and it is the ideal bag for this look; in a few words, all you need is a fringed bag, most preferably chamois, to make for the perfect outfit in all. As a fan of sunglasses, I have chosen one of my favorites from Gucci. I hope you like this look and… don’t forget the head accessories.

Photography: GELJANT Kaleci

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