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Celebrity Babies of 2020


All this time we kept reading bad things about Covid-19 and it looked like we were not going to see good days anymore, but as the days passed by, we were filled with positive news from our favourite celebrities.

After Katy Perry announced her pregnancy in the cutest way possible, other announcements were followed by other celebrities.

When news broke on TMZ that Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik were expecting their first child it felt like such news broke the internet. Everyone was talking about Gigi and Zayn, people were sharing this news all over social media and it was so unbelievable.

Even though Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have not made an official statement regarding the rumours that they are expecting their first child, we are all convinced that there is a baby on the way.

Remember when rumours were spread regarding the pregnancy of Kylie Jenner? Well everyone was right about her, so we are in the same case here with Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas.

A few days ago, another good news was published by Page Six regarding the so cute and always private couple, Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix. It is said that they are expecting their first child, even though there is no official statement from both of them. Given the fact that they always keep their life private, we do not expect to hear that much about Rooney’s pregnancy.

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