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Byredo Launches Makeup Collection


When it comes to highly covetable beauty brands, few have created such a dedicated following as Byredo. Whether it’s the restock of a cult-status candle or a new limited-edition collab, the unique-fragrance favorite’s creations have a lot going on. And, although previously Byredo could only be experienced via scent, today marks a thrilling milestone: the debut of its inaugural makeup collection.

The new collection, which is available exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue, includes everything from mascara to multiuse color sticks, all with a signature Byredo twist (think Cheeky shade names like Kumato and Sauce). “I founded Byredo almost 15 years ago, but about five years ago, I started to feel like makeup could be a strong physical manifestation of beauty at Byredo, in contrast to fragrance, which was in a sense invisible,” founder Ben Gorham tells Refinery29. What really makes the collection shine is its creation in partnership with one of the coolest visionaries in today’s beauty industry: British makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench — whose work can be instantly recognized across editorials and runway shows. “I came across the work of Isamaya Ffrench, which I was extremely drawn to, and it created this discussion about this idea that I thought color could be an important pillar at Byredo,” Gorham explains. “Two years later, and here we are.”

Ahead, take a stroll through the full collection in all of its stunning glory — and start making those wish lists now.

Color Stick
“Color was the absolute starting point for Byredo makeup,” Gorham explains. “We spent a lot of time researching and collected a library of colors, taken from individual pixels of many different images that Isamaya collected, which were taken from photographs magazine and film. It was about the feeling or the emotion of a color that we really wanted to focus on.”
Byredo Color Stick, $30.00, available at Saks Fifth Avenue.


Space Black Mascara
With packaging this good, you almost don’t want to use it — but you’ll want to, for the feathery, punk-lash effect this tube creates. “[The packaging] is almost alien in nature, it could be thousands of years old, yet almost feel modern in their execution,” Gorham says of this visually singular tubes in the collection. “We used modern materials, finishes, and these fluorescent colors to make them relevant.”
Byredo Space Black Mascara, $45.00, available at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Technical Black Eyeliner
This ultra-precise liquid liner is the MVP for creating a sharp, inky cat-eye that dries down to a matte finish.
Byredo Technical Black Eyeliner, $40.00, available at Saks Fifth Avenue.


Is a lipstick, or an objet d’art? Both, we say. “There were two references in my mind: One was this vintage lipstick from my mother, with that violet component and a contemporary scent of vanilla,” says Gorham. “I wanted to create something new, but I still wanted to incorporate those two scents — those two memories I had of makeup smells.”
Byredo Lipstick, $42.00, available at Saks Fifth Avenue.


Chromophobia Lip Balm
The chicest way to show your lips some T.L.C.? You’re looking right at it. “We were designing the products based on curation of objects,” Gorham elaborates. “So I designed them all individually with unique materials and unique shapes.”
Byredo Chromophobia Lip Balm, $42.00, available at Saks Fifth Avenue.



From Refinery29

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