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Bohemian Rhapsody


One of my looks during the Paris Fashion Week was the bohemian and romantic look. It bears this name due to its romantic tones and the dreamy appearance. Below, you will find some tips for the perfect bohemian look:

1. Dress – long or half-length flower dresses. For this kind of look you need a simple long skirt, long dress or even a half-length dress, as long as it is simple and come in silk or any loose fabric. A perfect match would also be; long dress and boots or even long skirts and high heeled boots and somewhat loose blouses, as long as none of the clothes is tight.
2. Jacket or Vests. I have chosen an Alexander Mcqueen velvet jacket. I have chosen a velvet jacket in order to best combine the materials. For example, the velvet jacket and a silk dress make for a perfect bohemian look and make you go back in time. But if you choose a dress, skirt or even loose pants, a vest or a classic jacket would be the perfect match.
3. Long Boots: I went for long chamois Jimmy Choo boots. The dress falls beautifully above them. The shoes are of great importance in this kind of look, especially during fall and winter that are the most preferred seasons for a bohemian look, because during this time you can wear such boots which are also so in.
4. Small square bag. I have chosen a small Tom Ford bag in square design which is a bit vintage for this look, but you are free to choose among some different types of bohemian bags, like a portmanteau bag or fabric bags.
5. Hat. This look asks for big natural wave hair, but what’s more important, a head accessory which in our case is a big hat. It gives the bohemian look a final touch.

Photo by : Kim Byungjun

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