Beyoncé’s On The Run Tour II Looks


Finally  Beyoncé and Jay-Z kicked off their On The Run II tour in Cardiff, Wales. The concert was not only about Beyoncé and Jay-Z singing and dancing together, but we got to see some never-before-seen family photos. Also, we found out that the power couple had renewed their wedding vows in an all-white ceremony. A confusing moment was related to Beyoncé and Jay-Z holding two babies, which left people with doubts, whether the babies were Rumi and Sir Carter or not. But the couple’s reps confirmed that the two babies appearing in the pictures are not Beyoncé and Jay-Z’ twins.

But, besides these lovely moments shared with the audience, we could not help but admire Beyoncé’s wardrobe. Queen Bey for sure knows how to make an appearance and leave everyone speechless. She changed several times during her performance and we could see her in a Gucci total look, in matching suits with Jay-Z, and also in the Bonnie and Clyde modern style. The power couple is back for good and everyone will be talking about OTRII for days and weeks. Let’s enjoy Beyoncé’s looks during the concert in Cardiff, Wales.



Photos from Harper’s Bazaar

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