Beyoncé Announces a Multiyear Partnership with Peloton


Beyoncé is ready to help get you bodied.

Today, the superstar announced her multiyear partnership with Peloton, the mega-popular exercise media company known for its at-home stationery bikes. According to an official press release, the partnership is “rooted in the celebration of music” and, in typical Bey fashion, will uplift social initiatives as well.

“Peloton and I both believe that the power of music can help uplift, motivate and inspire those on their fitness journeys,” said Beyoncé in a statement. “I’ve been a Peloton member for several years, and I’m excited to partner with a company that helps people, young and old, be the best versions of themselves, in an innovative and adaptable way. I’m proud to celebrate the students at HBCUs with this donation, to encourage them to find and embrace their own wellness regimens.”

Per Peloton, Beyoncé is the most requested artist by the brand’s global community of more than 3.6 million members. So in commemoration of homecoming season—an annual fall celebration for Historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and the inspiration for Bey’s 2019 Netflix documentary—Peloton and Beyoncé are gifting students with two-year digital memberships. Iconic schools including Bennett College, Howard University, Morehouse College, and Spelman College will receive the memberships by the end of November to encourage staying healthy and fit while studying at home. Peleton is expected to continue to build on its relationship with these HBCUs moving forward.

“Beyoncé’s commitment to empowerment and artistic expression is an inspiration to the entire Peloton community,” said Peloton’s head of music, Gwen Bethel Riley. “It is a privilege to be able to work closely with her and her extraordinary team to broaden access to our platform and collaborate on incredible offerings we think our members will love.”


From Harper’s Bazaar US

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