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Best Vintage Swimwear Ads


Only a few days keep us away from summer, beach and unlimited fun. This is the perfect timing for finding the most beautiful bathing suits! Summertime is beach season and that means shopping for bathing suits has begun.

We are all looking for bathing suits that fit us and are trendy right now. Some prefer classical, some bohemian style, etc. But this is also a very important time for the fashion houses, which present this year’s bathing suits collections for Summer 2019. Apart from the presentation there is always the marketing strategy which influences on people and commercials are the most powerful marketing tool. In every TV, magazines, or Instagram we see bikinis and bikini’s advertisements which are supposed to make girls buy them more. Everyone knows the power of advertisement mostly through the media, Instagram being on the main targets, but given that we prefer “vintage style” we looked back in the bathing suits advertisements of the `50s and the `60s, the golden days of fashion.

Take a look back at some of these seriously groovy 1950s-1990s ads. Whether you want to or not, we will not be able to forget these images


1950’s swimsuits and bathing suits from ads: 


60s ads



70s ads

80s and 90s swimwear ads

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