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Balmain Autumn/Winter 2022 Collection


Paris Fashion Week has already kicked in and there is so much to talk about. But let’s just leave this for another moment and focus on yesterday’s show, especially the Olivier Rousteing’s collection for Balmain.

Olivier has given Balmain a whole new identity and today his designs are worn by celebrities and supermodels all over the world.

The Balmain Autumn/Winter 2022 collection was an honest one and it felt like it was related to the latest events happening in Ukraine. It was like Rousteing was expressing his stand against violence and the recent conflict. Models walked on the runway followed by warlike drum music.

He said the collection was a “push-back against lies, hate and aggression” — referencing the “anxiety-inducing headlines of the past week.”

Shortly before the show he wrote on social media: “We are well aware that there are more important things happening in the world today. It’s hard to feel right about focusing on runways and clothes, as we listen with a heavy heart to the latest news. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Ukrainians. We are inspired by their dignity, resilience and devotion to freedom.”

On the press release it was written: “These runway offerings were not designed as a direct response to the recent horrific invasion of our neighbours and I would never dare to even think of comparing the suffering that they are going through right now with the problems that I have had on social media. Still, as we watch the news, my team and I do keep in mind this collection’s message: united in solidarity, we can rely on the power of hope and truth to push back against hate, lies and aggression.”

The collection included armored breastplates, protective wear like bandages, which were inspired by the recovery Rousteing had to go through after suffering burns in his house fire, and dresses with oversized shoulder pads were yet again part of Rousteing’s vision.

Photos are courtesy of Filippo Fior /

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