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Fashion Lessons Learned From Armina Mevlani


Fashion to Armina Mevlani is not only style or desire to be or feel beautiful; to her, each and every detail has got its own importance and is a turn back in time, a special moment to be remembered. It can be said that vintage is her favorite style and the one that best identifies with her nature. Her elegance and finesse make you think that she was born in the wrong decade. Although she doesn’t want to be identified with a given style only, one cannot help but notice the influence of the 50s-60s on her. If we were to go deeper into her style, we could also notice rock, Lolita and Latin colors.

Armina Mevlani is just adorable and an inspiration to every girl! We have learned some important fashion tips from her.

We have rounded up fashion lessons we have learned from Armina.


The black dress never goes out of fashion and will be your BFF for years to come



Red is her favorite color!  Every lady needs a red dress…




Invest in denim or vintage jeans



Put on some Red Lipstick, because it will not fail you




Berets are a major trend. They’re a potent and egalitarian instant-access accessory




Elegance is only beauty that never fades




Fashion repeats itself all the time




You CAN wear boots in summer too! There are no such notions in fashion




Parisian style is full of fabulous, feminine, effortless outfits with gorgeous detail



Blazzer Dress was a huge trend for fall but it looks like the style’s not going anywhere anytime soon




Wondering what to wear to your next picnic? Armina gave us the answer!




You can always count on sunglasses to turn a casual outfit into a glam moment. They have all the key factors to become so stylish. You should consider retro sunglasses!




Punk is not dead in fashion




All rules are broken in fashion! Sweatpants with heels is such a great combination!




p.s We Love You!

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