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Are you ready for the skinny eyebrows?


People often say that eyebrows are the most important feature on your face when it comes to your beauty look. They can dictate your expression, make you look younger or, indeed, older and can frame your face, helping to make your features pop.

During recent years we have all witnessed the power of thick eyebrows and almost every girl is trying anything to get them perfect. But it seems that this is all going to ruins since Rihanna’s cover on British Vogue’s September Issue, where she appeared with super slim eyebrows. Thus, many of us wondered: is Rihanna bringing back thin 90s brows? Skinny eyebrows ruled the ’90s.

This may absolutely come true because we all know that she is one of the most influential icons and her every move becomes a trend. As mentioned above, this trend started successfully in the 90s and personalities like Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera were among the most famous about having ultra thin eyebrows.

As we wait to know if the trend is giving a huge comeback in the next season, let us show you some of the personalities that embraced it earlier.



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