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Airport Style From Our Favorite Icons


Are you going somewhere this weekend or planning your next vacation? Great!

You’ve packed your bikini and summer outfits, but have you considered your airport look?

Just because your phone’s about to go into flight-mode, that doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to do it?

Figuring out an airport outfit is more difficult than most of us anticipate, and trying to find the balance between comfortable and stylish is always tricky. It’s still well worth the effort to take a little time to put together an airport outfit that is equal parts comfortable and stylish.

How can you be comfortable but still look chic and stylish whilst traveling? When it comes to airport style and traveling, a couple of fashion icons have got the formula between fashionable and comfort calculated down to a science. These fashion icons traveled in style.

Take a look at fashion icons airport style and get inspired by their looks:


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