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Adventure in Rio


Rio de Janiero must be in to-do-list this weekend because Carnivals finally are here! Carnival Parade at the Sambadrome it’s the biggest party on Earth, and we tend to agree. It’s a 10-hour show and at true one-in-a-lifetime experience. Rio’s annual Carnaval celebrations are bacchanalian extravaganzas of feasting, music, dance, and costumed revelry. Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro is truly one of the greatest spectacles in the world that should not be missed. Samba,street parties, free love, free everything, totally food for your soul. Dance the night away and see the sights and sounds of this truly epic annual event.


There’s more to Rio than the Carnaval…

Breathtaking views with landmark sites like the Christ the Redeemer statue make it an ideal vacation spot and a list destination. During your trip in Rio you can find sandy beaches, concerts, carnivals, football matches, music and its well preserved lush tropical forests. The experience you can have at the Rio beaches is inexplicable. There is something for everybody, young, old and the adventurous people. It’s easy to fall in love with Rio de Janeiro!!!


Christ the Redeemer

It is a must if you come to Brazil. Take the train to Christ. Gives you a great view going up the mountain and drops you off at the top. The statue is huge and awesome. Make sure to have your phones charged. Very scenic, so you’ll want to take pictures.



Copacabana Beach

Your Brazil trip would not be complete without this. Copacabana is the wide iconic wavy promenades, the blue waters, clean sand, beautiful Brazilians; this holiday is meant for the ages! Copacabana views are amazing. The beach and the Atlantic Avenue are full of people day and night, practicing sports, enjoying the beach, taking drinks or simply walking all the way. You feel the Carioca real spirit there.




This is the place where “The girl from Ipanema” became famous with one of the most popular songs of Brazil. Wonderful clean beach, white sands, blue water, packed with beach lovers! It is pretty nice to watch the sun going down from Ipanema.



Santa Teresa Neighborhood

I would very much recommend you to have a long walk through the streets of this neighborhood. Enjoy all the scenery, the colors, the views from the top and much more. A place to go during the daytime. The colors are amazing, it is quiet, peaceful but the art makes large noises.


Jardim Botanico

A beautifully laid out botanical garden area with multitudes of plans & trees to admire. Old world, charm & peaceful. Worthy of pending a few hours strolling and relaxing away from the business of the city and beaches. Feel the peace and harmony of this encapsulated paradise.



Where to stay during your trip in Rio: Hotel Fasano

Fasano has created their own way of living where you are updated but tradition is behind you. I would definitely recommend for those who like discretion but wants to have a great time and fun. The location is unique and the rest of the Hotel is fantastic! You will love the beach view, the rooftop is unique, cocktails are incredible. The candles are superb and restaurant great.

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