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My name is Armina Mevlani. Many of you know me from my TV shows, others as the girl who represented Albania in Miss World and some as the Creative Director of a magazine for almost three years, time in which I wrote many articles on fashion and other domains. But, there are also some of you who do not know me and I want to leave out what I have done so far, not because I do not find it agreeable; on the contrary, it helped me become who I am, but because this blog is the beginning of a new chapter in my life and I want to share new things with all of you.

I am just a simple girl with big dreams. I like art, fashion and beauty. I often find inspiration in good books, movies or even in nature itself and I am so happy that I can now share my inspirations with you. I have always enjoyed dreaming, I believe that if you really want something, one day it will definitely come true. My mind travels in time and in these travelling I found love for fashion, which is the ultimate time machine and often takes us back in time.

I can’t imagine my life without music. It accompanies me everywhere; when I get up in the morning, in my car and at work. I have always loved dancing. I have always had an interest in Latin music and dance. I get lost in Latin rhythms, but even in rock music. I now run my own fashion boutique, “Deliruim” where you can find some of the most well known brands worldwide. I love my job since it is my strongest tie with the world of fashion and because of that I can enjoy attending fashion weeks around the world. I have always believed that everybody has their moment of great opportunity in life, but one has how to seize it and take advantage of it.

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