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9 health habits that Blake Lively swears by


Blake Lively always looks the picture of health. The actress, famed for her roles in TV series Gossip Girl and films including The Rhythm Section and The Age of Adaline, was spotted on the red carpet this week, supporting husband Ryan Reynolds at the premiere of his latest release, Free Guy. As ever, the 33-year-old was glowing.

Of course, being world-famous comes with certain privileges that help you to maintain a certain aesthetic. But, truth told, a lot of Lively’s health habits are a lot more accessible than you’d think.

Scroll on to discover the health habits that Lively swears by.


  1. She trains hard


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In an Instagram story post in July 2021, Lively thanked her trainers Don Saladino and Jenny Campion for “kicking my ass. And lats. And lots of other muscles I don’t know the name of.”

As to her specific regime? Saladino told Cosmopolitan in 2016 that Blake trains 5-6 times a week, spending between 30 and 75 minutes working out. Sessions include foam rolling, mobility work and the “Jump, throw, carry” technique (10 jumps of any kind, such as squat jumps or star jumps; throw something 10 times; carry something weighted for 40–50 yards).

After that, days are broken down into “upper body, lower body, arms, and an interval day, with a mobility or accessory day after that,” said Saladino.


2. She eats well


According to Saladino, Blake’s diet revolves around nutrient-rich foods. Meals, he said, consist of: “proteins, vegetables, fruits, slow-burning starches like sweet potato, and getting healthy fats like avocado, coconut oil, and grass-fed butter.”


3. She doesn’t drink


The actress is teetotal – swerving the sauce, as well as any other substances. “I don’t drink. I’ve never tried a drug,” the star revealed in her 2012 Allure cover story.


4. But she makes room for fun


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That said, Lively has a sweet tooth and often posts on her Instagram about her baking escapades: from a unicorn cake to macaroons.

Balance, as ever, is key to sustainable health. Saladino has said that Blake follows an 80–20 rule. That means that: “80 per cent of the week, you’re really good, and 20 per cent you leave for error and having fun.”


5. She uses effective – but affordable – skincare

Blake is said to swear by budget skincare brand CeraVe’s SPF. Made with skin-strengthening ceramides, this range is affordable but effective.


6. She never skips breakfast


In the same interview, Saladino revealed that Blake nourishes herself, first thing.

“[In the morning] Blake might make herself a couple of eggs cooked in coconut oil, and she might throw some fresh vegetables in there.

“If she’s really hungry, because the human body changes all the time, she may add some gluten-free oats with some fruit. Early in the day, a big priority is hydrating, feeding her food with proper nutrients, which balances her sugar levels, and then not depriving [herself] of everything she loves.”


7. She stays hydrated



8. She breaks a 10-minute sweat, every day


With the best will in the world to work out, sometimes, life gets in the way. When that happens, Lively knows that something is always better than nothing – and will still do a speedy burst of exercise if a full workout isn’t possible.

Saladino said that in such circumstances the actress will hop on a cross-trainer for 10 minutes. “Very rarely can someone get in day in and day out religiously and be perfect on a regimen. We’re showing you right now that you don’t have to be. Blake’s being realistic.”


9. She cooks


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In a world of at-home deliveries, it’s easy to avoid the effort of chopping garlic and sweating onions. But you don’t need us to tell you that cooking for yourself means that you’re less likely to consume more salt and sugar that you intend to.

Like the star, try to cook for yourself, where you can. “She’s a great cook,” Saladino has said. “She and Ryan really enjoy shopping at farmers’ markets, and they pay really good attention to the things they put into their body.”


From: Women’s Health UK

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