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5 Easy Healthy Breakfasts Ideas


TIC TOC…Time is running out, as Summer will soon knock on our doors and we have a few months until we get ready to hit the beach and wear those swimsuits with confidence. As much as we go to the gym, we have to admit that it is a waste of time all the effort we are putting, if we do not eat the right food.

We are not mentioning any specific diet, but the only thing, which is crucial, is the fact that we have to change our routine and start a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle always starts with breakfast. If you are a person who likes to take things slowly and you have plenty of time to prepare breakfast, well you are lucky, because there are thousands and thousands of recipes for a healthy breakfast. But, if you are someone who likes to focus more on getting dressed and doing hair and makeup, while you only leave 5 minutes to yourself only to eat breakfast, you are on the right page, because we have chosen some healthy breakfast ideas, which can be prepared very fast. Well, if you want to achieve your body goals, maybe it is time you start paying more attention to what you eat during the day and the portions you consume.

  1. Quinoa Fruit Salad

Fresh fruits and quinoa is the fastest breakfast ever. Just pick your favorite fruits, especially the seasonal ones and add a scoop of quinoa. For a better taste you can add some honey and lime. We suggest you add Maluka honey, which is the best.



  1. Avocado Toast with Eggs

Avocado is very healthy, so you basically use it everywhere. You can add it in your salad, in your sandwich and also as your first choice for breakfast. Get two thin slices of whole-grain bread and top them with smashed avocado. You can add also salt and pepper on top if you do not enjoy the taste of smashed avocado and put on top the fried eggs. Voila, you have a breakfast made of proteins.

If you totally dislike eggs, you can leave the toast only with avocado and you will be just fine.



3. Blueberry muffins

Forget about muffins with chocolate or lots of sugar inside. If you want to eat healthy, it is time you play with your imagination a little bit and start preparing muffins the healthy way. We suggest blueberry muffins prepared with whole-grain oats, canola oil, low fat butter, blueberries, etc. Check the recipe here.



4. Grain Bowl

Whether it is quinoa, brown rice or couscous, you can create a healthy breakfast by adding on top and mixing chopped spinach, avocado and tomato. Ge the recipe here.



5. DIY Muesli with Pistachio, Apple and Fig

Maybe you should prepare the muesli yourself if you totally hate the once you can buy at the supermarket. Just bake oats, pistachios, sesame seeds and poppy seeds until they get a gold brown look. You can eat them with almond milk or 0% fat yogurt and add on top apple and fig, or any fruits you want.


Written by Enxhi Tufina

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