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4 Essential Tips to Protect Your Hair From Heat Damage


Giving your hair perfect curls or razor-straight tips can feel amazing in the moment. You look so polished, so editorial! It’s wonderful until you wake up one day with dry, damaged locks. Though even the most abused strands may be salvageable, it’s better to prevent damage from happening in the first place.

Often, the standard advice is to avoid heat altogether, but if you really can’t put the flat iron down, we have some tips that may help minimize the impact.


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Keep Your Hair Hydrated

The most important step is to start with healthy, hydrated hair. Applying direct heat can lead to dry, brittle strands that look dull and frizzy. To prevent this, set up a wash routine that leaves your hair moisturized. Does your hair start to feel greasy after just one day, or two? Only shampoo your hair as often as is needed so as to not remove too much moisture. Then, you could even add a hair mask, oil, or leave-in conditioner to your regular regimen.


Use Heat Protectant

Another important step! Always make sure to apply a heat protectant to your hair before whipping out a styling tool. These sprays or creams add a protective coating to your locks that act as a barrier between the heat and your hair. Either apply the protectant to damp hair regularly after you finish washing or if you are styling dry hair, make sure to saturate your strands thoroughly.


Don’t Mix Wet Hair With Heat

Too many of us have made the mistake of sizzling our hair on a hot iron. Though it may seem like a quick solution to both styling and drying, using heat on wet hair only increases damage. Let your hair air dry or give it a quick blowout before subjecting it to intense heat.


Give Your Hair a Break

The most effective tip is the most simple. Don’t use heat too often. If you are using styling tools regularly, put them on the lowest setting that gets the job done. When your hair starts to feel dry, take a break from the tools until you have ensured your locks are thoroughly hydrated. Though it may pain you to stop now, healthy hair will look even better than styled in the long run.


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