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3 ways to wear my Vetements boots


All of you, who know me for a long time now or are my followers, should have already understood that I am a crazy fan of rock and metal music and as such I adore all rock style outfits. During my teen years I used to be all rock, punk purple hair and weary shoes, but while growing up and having various kinds of commitments in life things got different. I started to wear different clothes, sometimes classy. Nevertheless, the rock spirit inside of me will never change and I keep listening to the same music as before.
Vetements is one of the most high fashion brands that have preserved the grunge and rock style. So, I couldn’t let go of these ala `90s boots which were also the inspiration for the following three looks:

3 ways to wear them:
* Classy – inspired by the `90: nightgown and a sweater, the clothes are from Zara.


* Vetements sweater and Zara jeans adapted to Vetement style. This is one of my favorite matches because it makes me feel so Rock.0G7A2415 0G7A2432 0G7A2470 0G7A2456 0G7A2442

* Punk, Wolford tights and Zara clothes

0G7A2507 0G7A2504 0G7A2495

The latest news is that in my YouTube channel: Armina Mevlani, you can watch the video about this photo shooting, by Artemis Hajdini.

Photo by Endrit Mertiri
Video by Artemis Hajdini

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