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28 Outdoor Date Ideas That Will Make You Want to Get Outside ASAP


As someone who does not consider herself “outdoorsy” (…I literally scream at bugs the size of lentils), even I think outdoor dates are the move. There’s just something about them that hit differently. Outside dates are simple, easy to plan, and super wallet-friendly.

There’s also a lot of potential ~romantic~ vibes involved in outdoor dates. Think about it: You’re breathing in fresh air and experiencing the natural ambiance of the outdoors beside someone whose energy you’re digging. Cute. Plus, there’s plenty of opportunity to go on a walking date—which one Cosmo writer wrote as the best date option of all time.

Another positive: Moving a date outside gives you way more options on what to do that your cramped apartment could never. And by now, being realistic, I’m sure you’re desperate to get outside your shoebox and to call anything but “Netflix and Chillin” a date. (Let’s just be safe and make sure we’re wearing masks and following CDC guidelines, mmk?)

So if you’re interested in exploring the good old outdoors, here are some outside date ideas for perfect for you and whomever is accompanying you.

1. Create a Spotify playlist to drive around and listen to. Side note: A car is deemed one of le best places to host a more serious convo. Do with that what you will.

2. Hit up a local farmer’s market. (…Buy the sourdough).

3. Go on a hike. But! Not! On! A! First! Date!

4. Visit your local, neighborhood pool.

5. Brownbag some of your fave alcohol in a park.

6. Sip on red solo cup wine… literally anywhere outside.

7. Go on a walk.

8. Complete a YouTube HIIT workout together.

9. Or, just, like go on a run together to sweat through some endorphins.

10. Snack on some avocado toast or chicken and waffles on a restaurant’s patio.

11. Go to your city’s arboretum.

12. Take cute couple pics at said city’s arboretum.

13. Plan a cute lil picnic with a charcuterie board filled with meats, cheeses, and vino.

14. Pretend you’re at Disneyland by going to your closest amusement park.

15. Volunteer to pick up your city’s trash and litter.

16. Volunteer to walk lil puppies outside at a shelter or adoption center.

17. Go super “outdoorsy” and light your own fire with some wood. Don’t forget the smores, tho.

18. Take a day trip to your nearest body of water—lakes, beaches, rivers, all encouraged.

19. Park your car up on a hill to catch the sunrise or sunset.

20. Depending on what season it is, go picking for some fresh strawberries or apples.

21. Bike around your city and pretend you’re tourists. Stop at the ~best~, most touristy shops to pretend like you’re not a native.

22. Head to the park to play sports. Kick a soccer ball back and forth, throw a football, or play with other balls in whatever way you see fit. (Pun intended. Sorry).

23. Make homemade ice cream in a bag together with this recipe right here.

24. Grill your dinner outside with meat and veggies.

25. If you’re in a city that can actually see the stars (read: Not NYC), lay a blanket down and go stargazing.

26. Listen to live music. If it’s nice outside, there’s a good chance you’ll find someone playing some random tunes in your downtown area, but there are also lots of websites you can visit to find out free concerts in your area.

27. Learn a TikTok dance together. Obviously become viral because you’re total #couplegoals.

28. Take a personality quiz outside. Any of these will do.


From Cosmopolitan US

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