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My 25th birthday!


As the days went by and my 25th birthday was approaching, I was happy but at the same time I felt a bit weary when I thought about how the years went by and how memories had piled over those years. Maybe the right word to describe those frenetic days was that I felt “nostalgic”. While thinking of how to organize the party, I thought of the `70s, the time when the true dimension and diversity of fashion triumphed, as well as the songs of those years. I have always been a big fan of ABBA and THE DOORS. So, I decided to announce a “discoball `70” party in honor of that time. When the big day came, I was deeply touched when I saw all the guests arriving.

I was also concerned of how would the party go or if the guests would enjoy it at its full. It was a relief to see that everybody came and they had each a beautiful surprise for me. I started the evening by thanking all my friends, family and my fiancée, for being there for me all the year and thank God for that. The DJ kept playing songs from the `70s as I had kindly asked him to. Everybody was enjoying the party and dancing until midnight, when they asked me to go out as all of them were hurrying to do the same. At first I thought it was the birthday cake time, but they were talking about a surprise I couldn’t think of, but everybody else knew. My heart was beating so fast when I blew out the candles and made a silent wish. I was so confused I did not see that the wonderful spectacle of fireworks in the sky was meant to be for me. Or, better say, I could not believe it was meant for me.

Zeni, my love, hugged me and wished me happy birthday under this huge fireworks spectacle that turned the sky into a dazzling colors dance, which we enjoyed in a long warm hug. I will never forget that moment, I was left speechless. After the fireworks, my cousin, who is like a sister to me, was organizing the launching of some 25 balloons. They say that if you make a silent wish while letting your balloon go up in the air, it will come true. Many of the guest, as well as me, got a balloon, made the wish and then enjoyed them as they went up in the sky, slowly and firmly, as if they were really meant to be that serious about making the wishes come true.

I was deeply impressed and I couldn’t find the words to express my gratitude to all my loved ones. When we got back inside, I got a wonderful surprise from my friends: a picture frame with my best pictures through the years. It will always take a place in the wall of my room. After midnight it was the love dance time. After the violin and after putting all the flowers I received, in the dance floor, I asked my fiancé, the king of my heart, for a first love dance under “Secreto de Amor”. I love dancing but even Zeni was great and I am convinced that I will never forget that dance, as a crucial part of that night, because the lyrics and every move was like expressing our immense love for each other. In the end, I thanked everybody and especially God, not only for the birthday presents, but also for all the love I received, all the commitment I felt and for all those who love me. I thought I was really lucky, more than ever, because when you grow up and get more rational every day, you realize that it is these small things you come to appreciate more than anything else in the world.


Foto: Endrit Bardhi nga studio Anjeza Dyrmishi

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