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10 Morning Hacks


Whether you are a morning person or not, sometimes waking up early in the morning can be the hardest thing ever. We all need those extra 10 minutes to prepare ourselves for the busy day ahead. Sometimes it takes more than 10 minutes and that is when most people need to hurry to get to work or anywhere else on time.

Sometimes, we do not even listen to the alarm clock which makes things even more complicated, because we are such in a hurry that we forget most of the things home and then blame ourselves for not planning ahead. That is exactly what we all need, a good planning.

In this post we will help you to organize your day, so the next day you won’t be angry at yourself for forgetting your charger at home while you only have 20 % battery life remaining or you forgot to put your daily planner in your bag.

Firs things first, it is important to prepare everything the night before.

  1. Brainstorm by yourself on what you are going to wear the next day, or you can place your clothes somewhere visible a night before.
  2. If you are afraid you can forget something important, just leave it by the door. The next day you won’t forget to take it with you.
  3. If you are planning to go to the gym, pack your gym bag the night before, also fill your reusable water gym bottle for you to grab and go.
  4. If you need to meditate, set the alarm 10 minutes earlier than usual and you will have time to get out of bed properly and meditate, even if it is just for a few minutes. Sometimes it is more than enough.

5. If it is hard for you to get out of bed in the morning, even if you have prepared everything the night before, we suggest creating a playlist with your favourite songs that will certainly cheer you up. After your alarm rings, start playing your playlist and you will notice how music will help you.

6. If you need to take a shower in the morning, use a towel turban that will help you dry your hair faster while you are applying makeup and getting dressed.

7. If you have kids, you should consider preparing their breakfast and lunch a night before. That will give you enough time to feed them.

8. If you do not have time to apply makeup, always keep with you a little beauty bag with the most useful products: a BB Cream, a mascara and a lipstick.

9. If you have long hair and sometimes it is impossible to style them the proper way, create a simple updo as Meghan Markle in her wedding or braids will do the work. If you have short hair, you can use a hair accessory like a headband or a statement hair clip.

10. The night before you can write down everything on your daily planner. A To-Do List will certainly help you.

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