My name is Armina Mevlani. Many of you know me from my TV shows, others as the girl who represented Albania in Miss World and some as the Creative Director of a magazine for almost three years, time in which I wrote many articles on fashion and other domains. But, there are also some of you who do not know me and I want to leave out what I have done so far, not because I do not find it agreeable; on the contrary, it helped me become who I am, but because this blog is the beginning of a new chapter in my life and I want to share new things with all of you.

My blog is called “Rebel Heart” due to the fact that in my rebel teen years I used to refer to myself as a rebel heart. I also wished to make it a tattoo, but my parents wouldn’t allow me to. Today I decided to personalize it by naming my blog after it. It all came naturally to me and all those who know me, know what “rebel heart” means to me. Rebel Heart is me.


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My birthday evening details


It’s time to share some more details of my 26th birthday. I still can’t believe it’s a year since I last wrote a birthday post , but times flies and that’s why we must live each moment at its best! This birthday wasn’t an anniversary so I decided to organize a small dinner with my closest friends and relatives. I just wanted to be with those who are most dear to me and spent a nice, quiet evening with them and…

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Mexico in my heart


I was hardly waiting to share these pictures taken in Playa del Carmen, Mexico and in “Grand Velas”, my favorite hotel. These pictures follow my previous post about Mexico and I love them because the outfits are a mix of my two natures: the rocker and the Latin in me. I will never forget the momentum of it all: everything around me had an air of positivity and the sea breeze along with the sunrays made everything more special, natural…

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Once upon a dream…


Every girl dreams of getting married and having the most fabulous wedding dress and the best wedding décor. We would like to come handy by representing some of the most beautiful and legendary wedding dresses worn by princesses and celebrities all around the world. This is a way of enjoying them, getting inspired and why not, those of you who plan to get married soon, can “steal” some ideas. 1. Grace Kelly in a Helen Rose wedding dress. Grace Kelly…

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Paris Fashion Week


After sharing with you details from Milan Fashion Week, I am now giving details from Paris Fashion Week, which was quite special to me. During this Fashion Week many international Medias, like Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazar, shared my pictures on their online pages. To me, this is one of the most important things about that event because it shows that even in that beautiful chaos, some of my looks were chosen as the best looks of the Fashion Week.…

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