Your Guide to Being ‘JUST FRIENDS’


We’ll cut to the chase here. With some friends, if you don’t set clear boundaries from the beginning, things can sometimes get tricky (for better or worse). In some situations, the “just friends” label eventually turns into something more, but that’s for another story. Today we’re providing tips on how to truly keep things in the friend zone.

• Honesty is vital. More often than not, platonic relationships fail because one person isn’t being honest with the other person about their feelings.

• Set boundaries. Making sure that your relationship doesn’t cross a certain boundary is key. Vocalize how much you value them as a friend and nothing more. It’s not rude or mean to speak your truth. Clearly stating your intentions is important.

• Be upfront about your relationship status and share your dating stories like you would with any friend.

• Hang out in groups if it makes you more comfortable.

• Pull back on in-person hangs if things start to get weird or if you can tell the other person is starting to catch feels. It’s OK to take a break from hanging out all the time.

• Don’t pretend that there isn’t any chemistry if there is. Acknowledging this and establishing boundaries can help avoid misunderstandings about your relationship.

• Tell others that you guys are just friends. This helps avoid other people getting the wrong idea.

• Avoid sending mixed signals and keep physical affection to a minimum since it can send the wrong idea and create confusion in your friendship.

• Be truthful with yourself and know your boundaries.


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