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Winter Wedding Hairstyle Ideas


Most people have the tendency to get married during spring summer season, especially if they like to get married outdoors, but there is still a minority that does not mind the season. They have found true love and their only desire is to tie the knot and be together forever.

Many weddings happen during winter season. For example, there is an episode from Friends where Phoebe Buffay gets married while there is an extreme cold weather in New York. Due to the weather, all roads were blocked and she ended up getting married outside in the neighbourhood while surrounded by snow.

If you have decided to get married in winter, there is a whole new vibe during this season. While weddings in summer have a more bohemian and floral feeling, in winter it is much more natural. Trends indicate that brides like to have a more natural look, without experimenting.

When it comes to the choice of hairstyle, they like to remain inside the classical tradition. That is why we have decided to show you some winter wedding hairstyle ideas that can inspire you.



Bridal blow-dry


Hollywood hair


Jumbo bun


Modern day Hepburn


Multiple Buns


Ringlet curls


The chignon


The flowers


The laced plait


The rolled up-do



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