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Winter Skincare Regime


Besides the terrible cold, some people consider the winter season as a total nightmare, because the skin suffers more from dryness, irritation and redness. In order to protect your skin, you should start a more severe skincare regime by following a few important “rules”.

  1. Moisturize more

During summer it is suggested that you use a lightweight moisturizer, which should be applied everyday as rules imply. But, with the cold weather that has knocked on our doors quite in a rush, you should opt for a rich formula that protects the skin from every possible symptom. Believe me you have to deal with a lot of skin issues during winter. So, at first apply the moisturizer every morning and throughout the day when you feel that your skin has become so dry. It is important that you choose a rich formula that contains all the necessary properties to protect your skin during the cold like vitamins, rich oils, shea butter, etc.

  1. Exfoliate

Try to efxoliate two times a week. If you have oily skin it is important to choose a creamy exfoliation or better say a gentle one, and if you have dry skin go for a scrub. It is also important that you use exfoliation on your body as well, because it does not only remove the dead skin cells, but it also helps the skin moisturize better.

  1. Use a balm

If you want your lips to remain soft throughout the entire cold season, you should apply a lip balm every day. Pick the right product that fits perfectly with your needs. If you want to add color to your lips, you have a variety of brands that have created lip balms in different shades.

  1. Use a hand cream

I really have no idea what I would do without a hand cream during winter. My hands are always chapped, so I use it like twice a day, but mostly before I go to sleep. So, it is better you keep a hand cream with you all the time and use it whenever you feel it necessary.

  1. Use SPF

There are so many people that underestimate the importance of SPF, so let me tell you that you should consider SPF as your Best Friend, because your skin will always be protected no matter what. During the winter season, SPF is a necessity for your skin, because the sun is still there and it can damage your skin. So opt for a moisturizer with SPF protection. I would recommend 20-30 SPF protection. If you don’t use moisturizer that often, you can get a foundation that has SPF protection or a BB Cream.

Written by: Enxhi Tufina

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