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WHAT’S YOUR VIBE, and how are you Using it?

There isn’t a single person on this planet who doesn’t want to feel amazing. Unfortunately, most of us have been in situations where high vibes fall prey to toxic energy—including drama, blame, and the giant soul-sucker known as fear. Sometimes, it can feel like we’re walking through a minefield of conflict that makes it tough to keep our heads up and our hearts open.

So, how do we snap back to our natural high vibes—that state of being that is inherently positive, loving, and emotionally and spiritually connected?

Lots of people on a transformational journey wonder how they can protect their garden of bliss from invaders. And no matter how mindful and spiritual we are, life can throw us some curveballs—including gossipy colleagues, chronically angry relatives, and strangers with road rage. While it may not be possible to totally avoid them, we can maintain our peace of mind by incorporating a few simple practices.

Shielding our high vibration from toxic energy is equivalent to preventative health. It’s a lot easier to keep from getting drained if you’re already working to keep your energy clear and healthy.


Don’t judge.

Most of the time, toxic behavior comes from a place of deep insecurity. People who resort to these activities generally don’t feel good about themselves, so they either consciously or unconsciously lash out to feel better, even if it’s only temporary. Another thing to keep in mind is that some people indulge in toxic habits, like gossiping, to form a connection with others—something that psychologists have acknowledged as the kind of social cohesion that comes from letting down our guard because we’re with “like kind.”

You can nip bad habits in the bud by choosing not to judge the person who’s displaying low vibes. Instead, remind yourself that this person doesn’t know any better and may be trying to get their needs met in an unhealthy way. You can keep your vibrations high by choosing to send the other person love and peace instead of judgment. You probably know the saying, “When you point a finger at someone else, there are three fingers pointing back at you.” So even if judgments come up for you, it can be useful to turn them around by considering that we tend to judge in others what we judge in ourselves. Acknowledge the places where you might need to do some inner work, and give yourself care and compassion.


You might be wondering: How do I send someone love if they’re up in my face, yelling and screaming? Or if they’re killing the vibe with incessant complaints?

Actually, maintaining solid boundaries is a key way to express love. For example, if someone’s raising their voice or cycling in the same pessimistic stories, you can politely remove yourself by saying something like, “Please respect that I don’t want to have this conversation.” Don’t try to justify your decision—after all, “no” is a complete sentence.

If this is someone who loves you, chances are they’ll understand. Your willingness to address the energy drain might even be the catalyst that snaps them back to high vibes or begins their journey to self-transformation.


Release your victim mindset.

Many years ago, I was taken advantage of by someone I considered to be a very good friend. You can bet my vibe instantly got heavy and low. I was blaming this friend for my misfortune, and it drained me of my sense of power. I felt like a victim.

When we feel like a victim, we’re not in a powerful, high-vibe mindset. We’re so busy blaming others that we forget to ask ourselves how we may have contributed to the situation or how we can do things differently in the future. We could also risk missing out on really vital information; for example, if you are someone who gets taken advantage of a lot, this could be a sign that you need to figure out why you’re attracting this negative experience again and again.

This isn’t a reason to get down on ourselves (the “no judgment” rule applies to us, too!). It’s a way to become aligned with the most positive and loving perception of who we are: a powerful, empowered co-creator with the universe.

When we create a reality in which we’re in charge, it becomes easier to forgive others (which also releases the hold toxic energy has over us) and to attract the kind of peace and goodness we know we deserve.


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