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What to Watch This Week


When you finish a TV series or a movie, you immediately start looking for something else to watch, but finding the next one turns out a complicated task.

There are times when you have watched every possible thing out there and that’s when you take a break from Netflix, HBO, Hulu or Amazon Prime.

The break won’t last long, as there are lots of suggestions and not just for TV series, but for movies as well. In many countries, cinemas are opened, and you finally have the possibility to enjoy some popcorns and a good movie.

If you are currently looking for new suggestions, you are on the right place as we have many options, and we are convinced that you will enjoy all of them.


TV Series

1. Mare of Easttown on HBO

Mare of Easttwon is a limited series streaming on HBO. The show is currently over so you don’t have to wait once e week to watch the new episode, but you can watch all of them together.

Kate Winslet is the main character in the series, and she plays the role of a detective investigating a murder in the small town she lives in. It has got mystery, drama, secrets to be revealed, and suspects to interrogate. In the beginning you might have your own suspect for the murder, but you will be surprised to find out who really killed Erin McMenamin.

Kate Winslet in Mare of Easttown | Michele K. Short/HBO


2. Lupin on Netflix

June 11th marks the release of the second season of Lupin, inspired by the adventures of Arsène Lupin. If you have not watched the first season, you better do, because it is an amusing story. The second season will continue with Assane Diop’s revenge plan against Hubert Pellegrini and finding a way out for him not to get in the hands of the police who managed to find out his true identity.




A Quiet Place II

A Quiet Place I left us completely speechless with the ending. We have to admit that John Krasinski’s work in both movies is amazing and he proved to be a wonderful director. A Quiet Place II gives a better view on how the monsters came to planet Earth and it shows how a widow, her two children and a newly born child manage to survive in all that chaos.




When we first heard about the making of Cruella into a movie, we thought how on earth will they create such a movie where the main character steals all those little puppies to kill them and make a coat with their skin? But we were wrong.

Cruella is more than that. All those fashion lovers will absolutely love the movie, because it tells the story of the young girl Estella Miller, who dreams of becoming a fashion designer during the punk rock movement of the 70s.

Photo: Laurie Sparham/© 2021 Disney Enterprises Inc.


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie

Netflix gave us the best news ever when it was announced that they’d show a new Sailor Moon movie. It was like we were back on being kids all over again and it was pure excitement. The Sailor Guardians are back in action against a dark power that arrives during a total solar eclipse.


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