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What Celebrities Wore to Meet the Queen


Fashion thought exercise: What would you wear to meet the Queen of England, or what would undoubtedly be the fanciest day of your life? Here, are some famous people’s answers to that particular question.

Cybil Shepherd, 1979


Jayne Mansfield, 1957


Marilyn Monroe, 1956


Raquel Welch, 1966


Elizabeth Taylor, 1976


Catherine Deneuve, 1966


Barbra Streisand, 1975


The Beatles, 1965


Meryl Streep, 1980


Madonna, 2005


Jennifer Lopez, 2001


Elton John, 2012


Halle Berry 2002


Kate Moss, 2004


Kate Winslet, 2012


Miley Cyrus, 2009


Lady Gaga, 2009


Stella McCartney, 2013


Helen Mirren, 2014


Helena Bonham Carter, 2014


David Beckham, 2015


Angelina Jolie, 2014


Alexander McQueen, 2003

From Harper’s Bazaar US

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