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What are LVL lashes? Everything you need to know


After over a year spent in lockdown, we’re practically skipping back to salons this summer, with everything from smoothing Olaplex treatments (so long, lockdown dye jobs) to brightening face peels making our summer beauty bucket list.

Yep, not only are we dying to get back to salons so we can get our beauty routines back in check, we know too that it’s never been more important to support the beauty industry as it gets back on its feet following the pandemic. The best way to do this, you ask? By getting your appointments booked ASAP, of course. Next up on our list of post-lockdown beauty treats? Enter: LVL lashes.

LVL lashes stands for length, volume and lift. You’ll recognise at least one of these beauty buzzwords from pretty much every one of the best mascaras on the market – but it’s rare that all three would appear together, because let’s be honest, that’d have to be quite the multi-tasking mascara.

Lucky for us, though, LVL lashes manage to do all of the above in one sitting. That’s lengthening, volumising, and seriously lifting all in one easy treatment. But what exactly is it, how much does it cost, and where should you be booking your LVL lash lift appointment ahead of salons reopening?

Here’s everything you need to know about this brilliant – and we mean brilliant – lash lift treatment.

What are LVL lashes?

The LVL lash lift by Nouveau Lashes is a treatment that combines both an eyelash perm and an eyelash tint treatment. The best thing about it is that it enhances the lashes that you already have.

How does the LVL lash lift work?

Your lashes are covered in a special serum that straightens them from the root – which, rather than actually straightening, gives them that super curled look. Your lashes are then tinted and, if you’re a little sparse, you might be offered some individual lash extensions as well.

What do you look like during an LVL Lash Lift?

This is what you look like… Don’t be put off.

How long does the LVL lash lift take?

Typically, LVL lash treatments last between 45 minutes to an hour. Most of that time is spent waiting for things to develop – the serum, the dye, etc.  Your eyes are shut the entire time, so you might actually find yourself falling asleep. This is not uncommon.

Do LVL lashes hurt?

They don’t hurt one bit. If at any point, you feel any irritation or itchiness, tell you therapist straight away.

How long do LVL lashes last?

If you take care of them properly, then LVL lashes can last up to 6-8 weeks.

LVL lash lift before and after:

If you don’t take our word for just how good the treatment is, then surely you’ll believe our before and after shots.

These were taken as I was lying down on my sofa right before the treatment, and straight after – with no mascara on!

LVL lashes aftercare

For 48 hours after the treatment you’re not allowed to get the area wet. This is worth knowing, as washing your hair can be tricky.

You’re also not allowed to apply mascara for the first two days – but honestly you won’t want or need to, because your lashes will have never looked better.

Following those initial days, you shouldn’t pull at your lashes. This might be obvious to most of you, but what they mean is not to tug on them when you’re removing eye make-up. Rather than dragging a cotton pad along your lashes, press it onto your eye and hold for 10 seconds. Doing so will keep your lashes looking better for longer.

Will an LVL lash lift damage my natural lashes?

No; Nouveau Lashes products have been developed to be kind to your lashes.

How much do LVL lashes cost?

The cost varies between salons, but as a rule of thumb, LVL lashes can cost anywhere from £45–£70.

Do LVL lashes require a patch test?

Yes. It’s always best to err on the side of caution when undergoing a lash lift, so make sure to pop into your salon for a quick patch test before undergoing the treatment.

Can you do LVL lashes at home?

Never – always leave it to the professionals. What makes LVL lashes such a treat is that you’ll never be able to replicate them at home, so it’s best to boycott at-home lash lifts and instead, head down to your local salon. Not only that, but DIY lash kits can cause severe danger to your eyes if used without the correct training. So put down the ammonia, and instead pick up your go-to appointments booking app.


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