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We rely on plants as medicine for so much. We use them to strengthen our immunity. To boost our brainpower. To support glowing skin. To reduce inflammation. To soothe tummy aches and migraines, burns and sore throats.

Today, we want to ensure that enough of us are using them for sexy-good, as well. The truth is, lots of botanicals have some pretty serious bedroom benefits. They can increase circulation in all the right places, amp up certain hormones, relax our minds, put us at ease, and give us energy and focus.

Adaptogens, in general, are great for sexual health and desire. So many of us suffer chronic levels of stress—so much so that we feel acclimated to it, like it’s normal. However, these high levels of stress and anxiety prevent us from relaxing into our breath and detract from our ability to focus.

Both focus and relaxation are vital when it comes to pleasure and blood flow; after all, most of female pleasure is mental, and of course, desire and sexual arousal have to do with blood flow. Adaptogens that can help mitigate the effects of stress on the body include ashwagandha, rhodiola, chamomile, and more. But today, we want to touch on herbs that have a more active role when it comes to our sexual chemistry. Here are some of our favorite herbs for when we need a little kick in the pants:


Maca Root

Better known for increasing stamina and athletic performance (as well as brain performance and energy), maca root also helps with sexual stamina … and even desire, according to The National Library of Medicine. It acts as an ovarian tonic, balances hormone levels, and helps to regulate fertility. Plus, the powder has a somewhat sweet, caramelly flavor that tastes great in smoothies or coffee!


Red Clover

This powerful little botanical is known as a phytoestrogen, meaning it acts like estrogen in the body. It can help balance the hormones in both young women and menopausal women suffering from dryness due to a major dip in estrogen, meaning it can help with sexual desire, getting (and staying) turned on, and even regulating collagen synthesis, as a bonus.



Tribulus, a spiny plant with cute little yellow flowers, is known to be an aphrodisiac. Studies indicate that it can influence or mimic the function of sex hormones, making sexy time not only more appealing, but even more pleasurable. It enhances desire by boosting our androgens—one of which we know of as testosterone. Testosterone is not limited to males; it has an important role in females as well, sexual desire being one of them. Often our androgen levels are disrupted by oral contraceptives, so taking this herb may help negate some of those mood-killing effects.


Also lovingly known as, ehem, “horny goat weed,” this plant is a classic in the great book of sexuality-enhancing herbs. Originally used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for managing erectile dysfunction, it also works for women. It does this by optimizing blood flow, as well as a phytoestrogen, as previously mentioned. We need optimal blood flow to feel that sensitivity that causes us to react, contract, and reach our own version of climax, so we stand by this tried and true option.


Tongkat Ali

This herb has many names and is often also referred to as Eurycoma Longifolia. It’s known to boost testosterone levels, aka our slightly more aggressively sexual hormone—the one responsible for the shift at puberty causing breakouts and pubic hair. It can boost both sex drive and desire, notably in men but also in women suffering from low androgen levels.


Pine Pollen

Pine pollen is easy to find online, or harvest in nature if you happen to live near many pine trees. It’s also a testosterone booster, which is known for increasing libido and stamina and is great for regular endurance training. Some of our favorite endurance training just happens to be in the bedroom.


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