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Since the founding of Levi’s in 1853, the company has popularized the rise of blue jeans in the U.S., beginning with the working-class cowboys, lumberjacks, and railroad workers during the 1920s. The blue jeans craze of the 1960s and ’70s, which led to the style becoming popular among hippies and other young sub-cultures, eventually resulted in the garment being embraced by mainstream shoppers. CR takes a look at how the iconic brand has inspired and revolutionized the way fashion interacts with denim. Click through to see some of the best of the best blue jeans moments throughout history.


Brigitte Bardot
Bardot poses over the shoulder, barefoot in a pair of high-waisted ankle-length jeans and a white T-shirt in 1957.


Cher poses for an effortlessly chic photo in a pair of faded, dark wash jeans in 1975.


Doris Day
Day wears a pair of dark wash knee-length jeans for Warner Brothers in 1951.


Elizabeth Taylor
A young Taylor sits cheerfully after washing her puppy in a pair of rolled-up jeans and a plaid shirt in 1947.


Elvis Presley
The singer-songwriter wears a classic Canadian suit of blue jeans and a matching shirt during his ’68 Comeback Special on NBC in 1968.


Farrah Fawcett
This iconic photo of Fawcett shows her skateboarding in a pair of blue wide-leg jeans and a pair of Nikes in 1976.


Goldie Hawn
Hawn wears a chunky cardigan and a pair of rolled-up denim Bermuda shorts while sitting on a bridge in 1965.


Grace Kelly and Dick Foran
The duo both wear classic American looks of rolled-up jeans and button-down shirts on the set of the television show Studio One, in 1952.


James Dean
The actor relaxes on a coach in cuffed jeans in the iconic film Rebel Without A Cause in 1955.


Jane Fonda
A young Fonda poses for the movie Cat Ballou in a pair dark wash jeans in 1965.


Liza Minnelli
Minnelli rehearses for the Broadway musical The Rink, in a pair of bootcut jeans in New York City in 1984.


Lucille Ball and Keith Andes
The two perform in the Broadway musical Wildcat in New York City in pairs of classic denim jeans in 1960.


Marilyn Monroe
A candid shot of the actress in a classic look of a white button-up, blue jeans, and cowgirl boots, on the set of the movie The Misfits, in 1961.


Rita Hayworth
The actress enjoys a nice lake-front day in Nevada in a turtleneck and a pair of rolled up jeans in 1951.


Shelly Winters
Winters wears a pair of dark blue jeans with a classic plaid shirt, posing happily against a white picket fence in 1951.


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