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We’ve all been there. Whether it was an indulgent, salty dinner the evening before, one too many glasses of vino, a cathartic PMS cry, or beauty rest cut short, sometimes the windows to your soul are a bit shrouded by unwanted puffiness. While you can usually just layer concealer on your dark circles, the puff is a different story. A winged liner can only work so hard.

First things first, hydrate, baby. Puffiness under the eyes is typically a result of bloat, which means your body is clinging onto fluid for dear life. Let your body know you’re not dying by starting the day with a green juice, treating yourself with some Collagen Vibes, or going for some good old-fashioned water. Bonus points for a warm cup with a squeeze of lemon. Keep your hydration game up throughout the morning to invite a welcome plumpness to your skin, while flushing out stagnant retention.

Get moving. Circulation is the most reliable source of a natural glow, but movement in the morning also helps kick-start your lymphatic drainage, which aids in emptying more of those stagnant pockets, including the under-eye area.

Skip the heat. Even though a nice, toasty shower can feel like a warm hug first thing in the morning, opt for lukewarm, and turn the water to cool or even cold for the skin on your face. If you washed your makeup off the evening before like a good girl, you don’t need a deep, steamy cleanse in the a.m. anyway—a cool rinse will do.

A full body cold-out (cranking up the heat for just a moment, then turning the shower from hot to cold for 30-90 seconds as the last step before toweling off) will also help kick lymphatic drainage into high gear. And if you weren’t awake yet, you sure are now. Good morning, bright eyes!

When you have the time, a little topical love is always a smart idea. Try listening to a podcast or practicing some breathing exercises while you kick back with a cooling eye mask. Just keep this in the freezer for these special circumstances—five minutes should do, 8-10 is great! A jade roller can also help depuff by reallocating lymph fluid, providing a refreshing, cooling sensation, and inviting circulation back to the face. Pair it with your favorite serum to help push the product into your skin for better absorption.

It’s also always a smart idea to invest in some eye sheet masks. They are easily packable for trips, they stay on without concealing your vision like the freezer pack, and you can work around them for the rest of your morning routine while you let them work their magic.

If you don’t have a leisurely morning ahead, there’s always caffeine! Sure, make yourself a French press or grab a matcha latte, but slather some pep on your eyes, too! There are some great eye creams that use green tea or coffee extract to get energy and blood flowing to the area.

There are some DIY tricks to the puffy-eye trade as well. If you find yourself without your favorite tools, you can pop a spoon in the freezer and roll the smooth side around your eyes to cool and release. Steep some black or green tea, then let the tea bags cool in the freezer before placing under your eyes for a caffeine kick. Cucumber slices are refreshing and hydrating when applied topically, and the look is practically vintage, especially while your hair is wrapped up in a turban. Chic.

Cooling Eye Mask

Pop it in the fridge or freezer, and kick back for a bit and let it do its magic on swollen troughs. The eye holes make it great for busier mornings.


Jade Roller

This tool is also great kept in the fridge or freezer for extra cooling power, but the stone itself has a cooling sensation that prevents it from warming up quickly. It helps move stagnant fluid around in the face, helps press in your products.


Bright Eyes Green Tea Eye Mask

The green tea is brightening and cooling, packed with vitamin C and caffeine to stimulate the eye area. Excellent in a pinch and perfect for travel.


Eye Contour Serum

Super packed with antioxidants, this powerful serum fights puffiness as well as fine lines, morning and night.


Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream

Jumpstart your mornings with this awakening eye cream. You can use it in tandem with a serum or eye oil, just make sure you apply the serum first, and the oil last.


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