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The Ultimate Guide To The French Girl Red Lip


Undoubtedly, the red lip is synonymous with the French girl style. The epitome of Parisian beauty, the bold look embodies an effortlessly chic look that feels undeniably empowering. After all, a swipe of crimson pairs perfectly with vintage jeans, a well-loved white tee, and of course an of-the-moment oversized blazer. And while beauty trends come and go, the red lip has remained a classic statement look since its mass popularization by suffragettes in the early 20th century. A true symbol of feminity, beauty, and power French It girls are proving time and time again the style is here to stay. Can’t resist the allure of a scarlet pout? Here, L’OFFICIEL breaks down exactly how the Parisians are achieving their red lip look.


As is the case with any lipstick application, lip prep is essential to achieving a seamless look. First, you’ll want to exfoliate your lips. Before color even comes into the picture, this will ensure a smooth base to work with and promote the longevity of your lipstick. Wondering which product to use? Ilia and Kari Gan‘s lip exfoliators are both great all-natural ways to gently scrub away without damaging the skin.

After exfoliation, it’s essential to add moisture back to the lips. Avoiding any glossy or sticky balms, a thin layer will prevent the bold red color from settling into fine lines and the red color from bleeding. And to avoid an overly shiny look, rip a thin layer off from a tissue to blot away any excess product. We recommend Smith’s Rosebud Salve for lighter hydration and Rhode’s cult Peptide Lip Treatment for a deeper treatment.



While red lipstick is a classic, it’s also highly individual and personal to the wearer. Naturally, every French girl needs a signature shade. First, it’s important to understand your skin’s undertones. Cooler tones should opt for a true cherry red, while warmer tones should look for a hot red with a more orange base. Either way, there’s a Parisian-chic lip color for anyone looking to embrace their inner French girl. Here, it seems the it-girls are reaching for the time-tested cult favorite DiorPat McGrath, and Mac signature red hues to complete the look.



After thorough prep, it’s finally time to reach for that effortlessly chic red lipstick. In true Parisian fashion, attention to detail is essential. Start on the bottom lip and in one continuous motion swipe the lipstick from one side to the other. Next, use your fingertips to blend and soften the color across your lips, no brushes required. And for those looking for a bolder and more pigmented look, intensify the color by tapping the lipstick on areas that need an extra boost. And remove any excess color, simply blot away with a tissue to soften the look.


From L’Officiel USA

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