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The Teddy Coat


As it happens, coats become our best friend during the cold season. We can’t think of the possibility that someone might not have at least one piece of them in the closet. As fashion keeps changing day by day, so does the design of a coat and its fabric.

For the fall/winter season we saw a variety of belted coats, oversized coats, leopard or snake print coats and also the checked coats which were a massive hit. But, there is a particular fabric that we keep seeing around: the teddy coat. Oh, yes! We just said teddy coat and it is true.

The teddy coat is the most comfortable thing you can ever wear and it looks like celebrities can’t stay away from it. You can wear a teddy coat with everything that comes through your mind and people will look at you and admire what you are wearing.

When we mention teddy coats, Max Mara is the first brand that comes through our mind, but as everyone started being obsessed with the coat, eventually other brands presented their own version of the teddy bear coat.

Get your hands on a teddy coat and you will absolutely love it. See below our favorite coats, so that you can get inspiration.


American Vintage




Claudie Pierlot




Max Mara






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