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The boyfriend bob is autumn’s coolest haircut


Want a way to update your look for the new season? Meet the boyfriend bob, a cut that signals cool and chic in equal measure. “It is very, very simple,” Andreas Wild from London’s Larry King hair salon tells us of the minimal bob style that’s defined by a boxier shape and blunter ends. Kiki Koh from John Freida Salons agrees, citing its “low maintenance” as another plus.

Celebrity stylist Tom Smith is coining it the ‘curtain cut’, thanks to the way it elegantly drapes around the face when centre parted. But suppress any flashbacks of Backstreet Boys vibes; “it’s no longer reserved for a Nineties boy band member,” he says, “this cut is extremely flattering in the way it frames the face”.

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Plus, it doesn’t have to fall down the middle, should you prefer a side part. “You have different varieties of it,” adds Wild. “Like, with a deep side parting, and by flipping the ends out in the back – which is still really on trend” (find more on how to master the hair flip, here). It needn’t be straightened, either; it can also be styled with texture to suit your hair type and mood.


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Who does the boyfriend bob suit?

Smith says the boyfriend bob is particularly flattering “for those with a longer or leaner neck”. This, he adds, is “due to the crisp contrast of the haircut’s horizontal line [alongside] the long vertical necklines”.

In terms of hair types, Wild says the cut suits all, “but sometimes fine hair may look a bit flat – so you need to add volume where you can”.

It also works with naturally curly hair, he feels – so long as the cut has a bluntness as opposed to a choppy finish.


Tip: when considering this cut, discuss how it will work for you with a stylist. “We always recommend bringing in pictures, as this is the best way to make sure you are both working to achieve the same look,” Koh adds.

How should you style the boyfriend bob?

This depends on what look you want to achieve with the cut. If you want a sleek finish, it requires more styling. “To keep the edges crisp and sharp, use a straightening iron,” says Smith (who favours the Cloud Nine tool, “which has an easy-to-use temperature control to adjust to your needs”), “and slightly turn the ends under and toward the face”. The trick here is use smooth, slow movements, he adds. “If you don’t get it perfect straight away, let the section cool before trying again.” Finish with a smoothing of finishing cream, like the Larry King Hair Care A Social Life for Your Hair, to tame flyaways.


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Alternatively, you can embrace your natural texture and let the bob air-dry. “Use some of the [Larry King Hair Care] My Nanna’s Mousse just to give it that texture, and let it dry naturally,” Wild says. Again, you can use the same finishing cream to control any unwanted fluff, though part of the beauty of this finish is embracing its imperfection.


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