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So you and your partner just broke up, and you’re craving comfort food. Usually, when someone is experiencing heartache, sadness, or loneliness (like after a breakup), comfort foods provide a temporary sense of well-being. Foods that are higher in sugar, fat, or salt tend to instantly elevate the mood. However, they can also increase negative feelings, because that quick boost is short-lived.Instead of reaching for a pint of ice cream or Oreos, encourage yourself to opt for snacks that are healthier, stabilize your blood sugar, and have mood-boosting benefits. Need some inspiration? Below you’ll find four simple snacks to fill your tummy and soul with feel-good fuel.

Chocolate Bark
Cocoa raises serotonin levels in the brain, also known as the “feel good” hormones.Prep a baking sheet by lining it with parchment paper or plastic wrap. Slowly melt the chocolate of your choice over the stove or in a microwave. Pour the chocolate onto the baking sheet and sprinkle on toppings such as dried strawberries, crushed pistachios, coconut shreds, or goji berries. Place the tray in the freezer until the chocolate has completely set and enjoy.

Tropical Smoothie
If you recently broke up with someone during quarantine, the option to go on a beach getaway with your friends may not be available (yet!). So why not bring the vacation vibes into your home and make a delicious tropical smoothie.

Blueberries (contain flavonoids, which help support an elevated mood)
Papaya (an amazing digestive enzyme, and it makes your skin glow)
Maca (energy booster and hormone balancer)
Avocado (essential fats are important in supporting brain health)
Coconut water

Sprinkle with coconut shreds and bee pollen, add a colorful reusable straw, and you’ll feel those tropical vibes.

Mango Salsa
Looking for something more savory?

In a bowl, cut and combine:
Fresh cilantro leaves
Lots of lime juice

Enjoy with a side of Siete tortilla chips or some sliced bell peppers and celery sticks.

Sweet Potato, Parsnip, and Carrot Fries
French fries from restaurants are often cooked in high-inflammatory oils and loaded with salt. This is a healthier version of your favorite finger food, using clean ingredients that also pack in mood support. Sweet potatoes and carrots are both mood-boosting because of their antioxidant beta-carotene, which helps reduce free radical damage to brain cells. Parsnip helps to fight against inflammation, which has been shown to cause depression and anxiety.

1. Preheat oven to 400° F.
2. Cut into wedges one sweet potato, one parsnip, and three medium carrots.
3. Toss them in olive oil and cumin powder.
4. Spread them evenly apart on a baking sheet lined with foil (being careful not to overcrowd).
5. Bake for 30 minutes, flipping halfway and going for longer if you want them crispier.

While the vegetables roast, consider making a delicious dip using Greek yogurt, dried dill, and lime juice.

It’s important to create healthy rhythms after a breakup, and nutrition is an important part of that. Breakups can throw our daily routines into disarray, so eating more regular nutrient-dense meals, getting adequate sleep, and moving your body are incredibly important to keeping your body and your emotions healthy and stable.


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