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THE BEST CARDIO ROUTINES to Add to Your 2021 Workouts

Stressed? A cardio session is a quick cure. Pent-up energy? Cardio is your release. While it’s great to rotate your fitness routines—focusing on different areas of your body and incorporating an assortment of exercises—if you’re looking for a way to get your heart rate up and give yourself a boost of adrenaline and mental clarity, cardio is at the top of the list. To update your 2021 beast mode selection, we’re sharing four tutorials to add to your at-home (cardio) workout lineup.


The Workout: 5-Minute Cardio

The Moves:
Inchworm Squat Jumps
Close Squats to Wide Squat Jumps
Bear Crawls
Lateral Slides with Forward Hop
Jumping Jack and Tuck Jump


The Workout: Sprint-Focused Full-Body Sequence

The Routine:
Kourt breaks it into four quarters, always doing the signature sequence (cardio + upper body + abs), and then rotates lower body moves each quarter for a full-body exercise that’s packed with cardio.Every quarter (we’ll call it the signature sequence):

40 sprints across basketball court (so around 94 feet)
20 pull-ups (if you don’t have something to pull up on, you can sub in 20 push-ups)
20 crunches
Quarter One:
The signature sequence (see above) + 20 walking lunges
Quarter Two:
The signature sequence (see above) + 20 jump squats
Quarter Three:
The signature sequence (see above) + 20 side squats
Quarter Four:
The signature sequence (see above) + 20 jumping lunges
Bonus Quarter:
The signature sequence (see above) + 20 dips


The Workout: Kourt’s Jump Rope Routine

The Moves:
4 sets of 5 minutes jumping rope (for Kourt this equals around 500 jumps)
Between each set, alternate:
25 push-ups (you can do these on your knees if you need to)
25 dips
100 crunches


The Workout: Kourt’s Treadmill Routine

The Sequence:
Side Steps Shuffle
Side Steps with Resistance Band
Incline Walk with Dumbbells
Goblet Squat/Incline Backwards Walk with Kettlebell


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