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THE ANTI-AGING TIPS I’ve Learned from Kourt

Welcome back to my series where I share the inside scoop on what I’ve learned from Kourt since working with her over the past two-plus years. I’ve spilled the skincare secrets I’ve picked up from our founder, the best dating advice she’s given me (so far), and top-notch fashion tips from sitting in on her styling session.

Today’s segment is all about anti-aging and the things I’ve picked up from Kourt on how to prevent early aging. From skincare habits that help diminish fine lines and promote plumper skin to daily rituals that encourage a healthier mental state, keep reading for my favorite Kourt-inspired ways to look and feel young, hot, and happy.

Daily collagen.
We all know Kourt swears by collagen (the main protein found in the body: think hair, skin, bones, muscles, joints, and tendons), and there was no going back once I started adding collagen into my daily morning routine. It gives my skin an overall boost and helps make my face feel plump and youthful (and gives a natural glow as well).

Invest in nice skincare tools. 
Since working with Kourt I now own and use an amazing selection of skincare devices. There’s the LED anti-acne mask, to prevent and treat breakouts (which helps me personally eliminate the possibility of post-breakout scars, since it heals acne before I even have the option to aggressively pick at a pimple). The face stamper, which I’ve followed Kourt’s lead and use monthly to even out my skin’s texture and stimulate collagen and elastin in my face. The Trinity by NuFace is the newest tool in my rotation, which lifts, tightens, and contours the face. And lastly, something I now do daily is gua sha. I keep this stainless steel tool by my computer and use it throughout my day to release toxins in my face and really sculpt my jawline.

Don’t be afraid to use heavier face creams on your body instead of your face. 
I shared this one in my skincare story, but a lightbulb went off when Kourt told me she uses serums and moisturizers that aren’t great for her skin on other parts of her body so she’s not being wasteful. I’ve finally cleared out lingering bottles and jars of face products by lathering them on my knees, hands, and even butt cheeks.

Sleep on quality pillowcases and bedding. 
Like these silk ones, which not only protect your hair but help reduce fine lines caused by sleeping on your side (you know when your face is buried deep in your pillow). I also really love these eucalyptus sheets that have helped me fall asleep in a more blissful state of mind, which—friendly reminder—beauty rest is one of the easiest things you can do to prevent early aging.

Try new workouts. 
Staying active and working out on the regular keeps your body and muscles working properly, and of course strengthens your muscles, which ultimately can prevent sagginess. Kourt’s loving Pilates at the moment, but earlier last year the Poosh team was on a jump rope kick and she kindly taught me the correct way to do it. You can read the screenshots of our funny conversation below.

Surround yourself with good energy. 
You are who you surround yourself with. Keep the energy positive within your close circle and try to let the little things that don’t really matter in life go. Caring for your happiness and enjoying the people you work and play with are key factors to your mental health. If you’re miserable you won’t make the smartest lifestyle choices, and on the flip side, when you’re happy you’re more prone to make healthy decisions. All of this is to say: toxic and negative people can age you, so keep the spirits high and your body, mind, and soul will thank you.

Take daily supplements. 
While I don’t take the exact same daily supplements as Kourt, I have made a conscious choice to find ones that my skin or body needs and take them every morning. Kourt even shared that she keeps this $11 measuring tool by her medicine cabinet so that everything she needs for her supplements is in one place. I took this hack and made a special section in my kitchen for my beauty and body pills.

Don’t leave the house without sunscreen. 
It wouldn’t be an anti-aging story without reminding everyone to apply sunscreen every day. Kourt shared with me that Khloé told her a while back to not forget SPF application on your hands too (which is one of the first areas that starts to show the signs of aging). Face, neck, hands, every day!


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