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Summer 2020 Hair Color Suggestions


Literally you have learnt to do everything during the lockdown and that is probably thanks to every YouTube tutorial you have been watching all this time.

You now know how to cut your hair (with a few mistakes, but only you can notice), how to do a very good manicure and pedicure, you can do that so painful bikini wax all by yourself by buying the right equipment and following the right steps, you know how to do eyebrow and moustache threading, etc.

Now it is time to master the skills of a hair colourist, in home conditions. Lucky for you, brands have all the equipment you need, and you will soon learn how to dye your hair. If your grey hair is now visible to you and everybody else, you are running out of time. You do not want to wake up yet another day and look at your grey hair. That will certainly get you down.

You don’t need to change from being a brunette to blonde. Trust us, even your hair colourist needs time and devotion to make that kind of transformation.

You can dye your hair caramel brown just like Kylie Jenner. The results on Kylie were just amazing and that colour is perfect for summer. It is warm and it gives light to your face. You can also add some warm blonde highlights to make it even perfect.


Blonde like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley will also be present this summer. If your natural hair is blonde or you have already transformed into a blondie, you can embrace this butter blonde shade and make it yours for the rest of the warm season.

Opting for a deep black is and will always be a timeless colour. Given the current circumstances when it is impossible to go to the hair salon, for many of you it will be much easier dying your hair darker as it won’t take that much effort. You don’t really want to mess with bleaching or creating highlights if that is not your thing. So, if your hair colour approaches more to a medium-toned hair, something darker is perfect for you. Maybe you can opt for deep black which kind of reminds us of Angelina Jolie in the Salt movie.

But we know that this is not enough for those who are always experimenting with their look and change it quite often. If you are not afraid to try different things, you can totally opt for a “Billie Eilish” look. Two-toned hair colour is still a trend and since we got to know Billie Eilish, we totally became obsessed with her black and green hair colour. Dua Lipa is also rocking the two-toned colour this period.

Billie Eilish


Dua Lipa

See below more suggestions for the best summer hair colours.

Meghan Markle


Bella Hadid


Ashley Graham


Rooney Mara


Jenna Dewan


Emily Ratajkowski


Jennifer Lopez




Lili Reinhart


Margot Robbie


Julia Roberts


Kirsten Dunst


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