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No one can deny that wearing a suit makes any woman look absolutely fantastic. The tailored two-piece has been worn since ages ago and it symbolizes freedom, power and very often controversy.

It is said that in 1870 Paris was shocked when actress, Sarah Bernhardt wore a custom-made trouser suit, which she called her boy’s cloths. In 1914, Coco Chanel designed her first suit, a fur-trimmed jacket with a matching ankle-length skirt.

Through years, many designers have created beautiful tailored suits to be worn by women. For example, in 1966 Yves Saint Laurent designed a woman’s formal tuxedo named “Le Smoking”, which is considered as the designer’s most important design.

Yves Saint Laurent, Le Smoking


One can never forget the Chanel pink suit that Jackie Kennedy wore while accompanying her husband, John F. Kennedy to an event in Dallas. Although the president was assassinated that day and the suit was filled with blood, Jackie Kennedy wore it again to the swearing-in of John F. Kennedy’s successor, Lyndon B. Johnson.

Jackie Kennedy


In the 80s the suit became the power suit as it featured shoulder pads, decorative buttons and you would see women rocking them in different colours.

Margaret Thatcher’s stylist said that the prime minister used to wear suits mostly because “she was in a man’s world and she had to look the part”.

With this post we decided to show you how our favourite celebrities rocked the tailored two-piece.

Marlene Dietrich


Katharine Hepburn


Brigitte Bardot




Bianca Jagger


Armina Mevlani
Photography by Ergys Zhabjaku


Kourtney Kardashian


Doutzen Kroes


Blake Lively


Cate Blanchett


Dakota Johnson




Lady Gaga


Victoria Beckham


Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss


The Duchess of Sussex


Kim Kardashian


Michelle Obama


Kendall Jenner


Kaia Gerber


Gwyneth Paltrow


Gigi Hadid


Gal Gadot


Cara Delevingne


Bella Hadid


Andie MacDowell


Charlotte Gainsbourg


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Versace


Kate Moss



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