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Stella McCartney Autumn Winter 2020 Collection


Stella McCartney is one of the brands who has embraced sustainability. The British designer is well known for her commitment to change fashion and create a positive impact in everyone’s life. Some people see Fashion Industry as the enemy of environment and we can’t deny the fact that it is one of the most polluted industries.

Fortunately for us, there are still many designers out there who believe they can raise awareness and change the way fashion is perceived nowadays.

Over the years, Stella McCartney has brought on the catwalk some of the most innovative ideas with her eco-friendly collections. She has demonstrated that fur and leather don’t have to be real to be considered as a trend or fashionable.

The Stella McCartney Autumn Winter 2020 Collection featured a variety of loose dresses, trousers and oversized coats in different colours where black and neutral tones dominated the most.

One of this fashion week’s highlight was for sure the finale at Stella McCartney where not only models walked in the runway. We saw how two rabbits, a fox, a horse, two cows and a crocodile stole the show to spread an important message.

“What we try to do here at Stella is to sugarcoat a powerful, meaningful message in a little bit of humour and fun, to make our point in a palatable and digestible way so that people listen,” said McCartney. “These animals are the ingredients of everyone else’s fashion shows. We are the only luxury fashion house in the world that isn’t killing animals on the runway. I wanted to make that point, but in a joyous way.”


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